For Mac OS X:


Turn on and off Processor Nap (using Apple's CHUD Tools) easily to stop that aweful whining sound that happens when you plug in a firewire audio interface or for any other reason. Do it automatically at login, or with two clicks. Makes my powerbook pretty much silent! CHUD Tools from required.

Autostart Jack

A script to automatically start the awesome Jacktools - for any audio interface. Available through Jack OS X website on the download page. I wrote the small amount of applescript code involved for Dan Nigrin and the Jack OS X team.

Start Jack For Mbox

Yeah!! No need for this anymore! Multi-client and better version of digidesign coreaudio driver is out!

A script to automatically start Jacktools and make it work correctly with the Mbox almost every time. Just a modified version of the one above for Mbox users. Blasted Mbox... Now this is really just an example of using UI interface scripting to control normally non-applescriptable applications.

Applescript for starting Cecilia

Start the powerful Csound front end Cecilia without the command line. See this page. (now fortunately obsoleted by the newest version of cecilia) Printing Helper/Openfolder
Coming sometime...maybe. Probably Never. Definitely Never - just check out Neooffice instead.
For the Classic Macintosh:

Applescripts to setup Mac OS 9 for Pro Tools 5.x. See this page.