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Pro Tools Free Setup Scripts 1.0
by Arvid Tomayko-Peters

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[If you don't know, you probably have it]

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Read Me:

These scripts (in application form) re designed to setup your (classic) mac for using Pro Tools Free 5 from Digidesign. See the Pro Tools manual for specifics. Sorry - not for OS X. I don't have Pro Tools 6 and I don't know its requirements.

Note: For the changes to take place a restart is necessary after running the script(s). If you use Pro Tools often like I do, you might just perfer to run "Set for ProTools" once and leave it that way. You don't have any virtual memory, but it's not that bad.

"Set for ProTools" will configure your Memory and Appearance Control Panels, opens your Energy Saver Control Panel (it's nice to not have the display or other parts of the machine go to sleep while you are recording a complex track!) and makes sure the Digidesign extensions are enabled. "Set for ProTools-no font smooth" will do the same, except it will not turn off font smoothing. Digidesign suggests doing this, but don't see why. I find it unnecessary and annoying. Use the other script unless it gives you problems.

"Set for normal" will return the above settings to their defaults, open the energy saver control panel and remove the digidesign extensions to minimize loading time and extension conflicts. You can modify this one to have it return you to your favorite settings by opening it with Script editor.

I don't know if these settings are also good for other Pro Tools systems.

Tested/created on an iMac G3 running Mac OS 9.2.2 Should work for any Mac OS 9 system!

This is free software. There is no warranty - I am not responsible for any damages! Although I don't foresee these scripts causing any. If you include my work in anything just drop me a line. Thanks.

If you find them useful or would like help, e-mail me

or visit my web site at:


for info, original music and a guide to free mac music software

Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

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Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

Pro Tools Setup Scripts