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Superlatively Silly Signage: Silly, strange, stupid or somehow awkward signs from around the world.

Photos of Bucky the puppy

ISU Geology Field Camp summer 2006: a fantastic month in the Idaho Rockies

My Flickr page - See some random odd things I have photographed or created.

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Geology - various geologic images as I take them.

The late "Henry the fat cat" and the late Brownie - Brownie was the best dog ever! Best wishes to her in the next world. Henry? He was just massive. And quite nice too. But alas he was eaten by coyotes.

Foot Massager - Dad takes this odd machine for a spin at the family Yankee Swap. This is pretty funny.

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump (My Blog) - Began Feb 2006: Random images may appear here every once in a while.

My Trip to India with my friends Shveta and Tamilla - Thank you guys! - January 2006:

Delhi •• Agra •• Jaipur •• Jodhpur •• Bombay •• Some cricketers I met in Bombay

Bucky and Will's Goddamned Mess Memorial Gallery - Jan 29, 2006: Bucky and Will, during an altercation with a squirt gun, manage to explode a can of shaving cream in Will's door. The rest is history.

Sensory Overlord Images - Dec 2005: Images of the sensory overlord experience. (see music page for sounds, etc from Sensory Overlord)

Rome: drawings etc. 3/24/04 - 3/31/04. Little pieces of Roma captured during my trip there with the Brown Jazz Band.

Random: self explanatory (older stuff).

Percussicube: images of my old digital musical instrument in progress.

Henry's Beard: Electronic instrument builders concert at Brown University. I played the Percussicube with Demetrius Harrington and his little cube. Take a look. Hopefully I will soon have sounds as well!