Christie and Arvid

Christie and Arvid : Electro-Acoustic Duo (2007-09)

Christie Lee Gibson : voice
Arvid Tomayko-Peters : trumpet and electronics

Christie and Arvid performed improvisational/experimental electroacoustic music and other genres using voice, electronics and horns.

Christie has a background in classical voice and opera and Arvid in jazz, electronic and experimental musics, playing both trumpets and computers. Christie’s beautiful singing and diverse vocalizations are augmented and affected by Arvid’s trumpet playing and live electronics, including an expressive one-of-a-kind wireless electronic wind controller designed and built by Arvid himself. Performances involve the very oldest instrument (the voice) and some of the very newest (Arvid's electronic instruments).


Music on the Fly, Boston, MA, Nov 14, 2009

The second public performance of "Awakenings", our potpourri of pithy poems about sleep and awakening set to original electroacoustic music. "Music on the Fly" is an Exclaimation Point evening presented by The Fort Point Theatre Channel.

Live at Pixilerations [v.6], Providence, RI, Sept 26, 2009

"Awakenings" - A potpourri of pithy poems about sleep and awakening set to original electroacoustic music.

Requiem Aeternam - Live at Pixilerations October 11, 2008

Watch the video of Requiem Aeternam on Arvid's Portfolio Site

Individual Movements

The entire piece

Live at The Squealing Pig Boston, Aug 8, 2009

Live at Tazza July 29, 2008

Requiem Aeternam

A digitally augmented requiem mass for the inhabitants of the North Burial Ground, performed on-site, among the gravestones at the North Burial Ground in Providence, RI. Christie Lee Gibson - Voice, Arvid Tomayko-Peters, Trumpet, TOOB and electronics.

Two performances:
Friday, June 13, 2008 –
Saturday, Jun 21, 2008 – [Audio: Audio (mp3) •• video - takes a minute to load, please be patient ]

Watch for another performance of Requiem Aeternam at the Pixilerations Festival this October in Providence.

Christie Lee Gibson and Arvid Live at Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA - Two Pieces recorded live 4/19/07 at a performance for Jim Peters' opening. Christie Gibson: voice and electronics, Arvid Tomayko-Peters: cracklebox, no-input mixers, tape loop.