Squid Delays



A pair of simple, utilitarian delay plugins for use in Cycling '74's Pluggo environment - compatible with AudioUnit, VST and RTAS hosts.

I made them because all of Logic Pro's delay plugins either lacked the precise control I was looking for or caused clicks or pops when changing the delay time.

The only difference between the two is that Squid-Delay goes up to 1000 ms (1 sec) of delay, while Squid-Delay Mini, as the name implies, only goes to 100 ms, affording better control in the sub-20 ms range that is useful for creating delay-based stereo positioning effects.

Squid-Delay Mini is particularly suited to creating delay-based stereo positioning effects. Try this: put this plugin on a stereo (or mono, going to stereo) track and set it to either the "Delaypan Left" or "Delaypan Right" preset in the bank (about 7-10 ms delay on one channel, 100% mix, no feedback). Your audio, without changing relative levels, will sound like it's on that side. Clever, eh? But simple. It all has to do with how your ears spatialize sound.

I have a included plugins for both Pluggo 3.5 (PPC) and 3.6 (Universal Binary), as well as the Max/MSP source code.


Requires Cycling '74's Pluggo Runtime or Pluggo Jr. (which i recommend because it comes with some free C'74 pluggo plugins along with the runtime environment) and an AU, VST or RTAS host.