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There is now a newer, improved version (2.5.1) of Cecilia for Mac OS X that requires only tcl/tk (TclTkAquaBI- and a drag and drop of the application package to your Applications folder. These files for the new version can be found at ftp://ftp.musique.umontreal.ca/FTP_musique/Cecilia. If for some reason you it will not work for you, (or you would like a challenge) you can try the older, somewhat less user-friendly version, the installation and launching of which is described below for those without knowledge of the terminal.


One must first install tcl/tk aqua (I suggest the "batteries included" version for simplicity's sake), then csound (use terminal or tell finder to show hidden files using some utility program (tinkertool, Onyx, etc.) and put binary files in usr/local/bin on your hard drive (you will have to change permissions temporarily using the get info dialog for that directory) then install cecilia. Cecilia and csound can be found on the sourceforge project site. The cecilia.term file that the installer puts in your Applications folder will not work - it causes cecilia to hang on launch.

Cecilia offers a nice feature to preview sound files with another program before processing. However, this does not work with standard OS X applications such as quicktime or even audacity. An alternative is to use the command line player qtplay that runs within the terminal. This can be found at http://home.earthlink.net/~rainbowflight/ and is installed in the same manner as csound.

To launch cecilia correctly, go to the terminal and enter

sh /Library/Cecilia/cecilia

That should launch the software correctly. Or - To simplify things (Macintosh-ify) use my fancy applescript

[actually it's only 4 lines of code]



Cecilia_Launcher.dmg an Applescript to launch cecilia by double clicking size: 60KB

Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

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Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

Installing the old Cecilia for Mac OS X