An easy but sophisticated and flexible way to practice ear training for improved aural skills.

I found, when practicing intervals myself, that there was no good, flexible ear-training software available for free. So I built Intervals.Take it for a spin and learn some stuff!


  • Uses MIDI to play notes, allowing you to use any synthesizer you want
  • MIDI THRU function for playing a keyboard while practicing
  • Mouse keys for those that don't have a hardware MIDI controller
  • Many single-key shortcuts for oft-used functions
  • Tonic note can be randomized in a user selected range or set to a particular pitch
  • Ability to exclude certain intervals
  • Adjustable velocity, duration, MIDI channel and program of notes
  • Melodic and harmonic modes, switchable before answering
  • Intervals can go up, down, or both directions
  • Statistics


Mac OS X 10.2 or later, any MIDI controlled synthesizer, hardware or software

There are many free softsynths available for download - check out my guide to free mac music software


System Requirements: