Web Design

I build Websites

I specialize in creating artist web sites for either visual or sound artists. I have also done sites for writers. There are some examples below.

If you have any interested, email me at or call (401) 490-1320. I am available locally in Providence, RI.

I Use open source web technologies such as ZenPhoto and WordPress. That means the site I create for you can be easily updated by you with only a computer, a modern web browser and an internet connection. Easy-to-use web interfaces make changing the text, images or videos in your site, or even creating new pages and image galleries, a snap. Any changes you make will look professional because they use the templates I created for the site.


Basic user updatable website with a custom template, all user updatable image galleries, pages, etc: $300

Here's how that breaks down:
Setup and site organization: $100
Unique design, custom layout template(s): $150
Odds and ends, including uploading and entering data for up to 40 images/audio files/videos: $50

The base price includes up to 12 hours of work in those categories, unless otherwise negotiated. Beyond 12 hours I bill at $30/hour.

I also bill at $30/hour for:

Alterations to images
Editing audio/video
Additional work requested more than one month after site launch
Work on existing websites I did not create

I keep an electronic log of my work hours for the project that will be sent to you with my invoice.

For examples, please visit the sites linked below, then contact me for an estimate!

Example Sites

ChristieLeeGibson.com - Wordpress based site for Boston based singer/actress Christie Lee Gibson. Christie and I collaborated on the design. [2009]

VotingFilm.org - Wordpress based site for a documentary film featuring Mo Rocca. ~$300 [2009]

Brow Opera Productions [BOP] - Wordpress based site for Brown University Opera Productions. [2009]

CreatureSack.com - Wordpress based site for the Creature Sack bags by Vicky Tomayko with eCommerce to sell bags through paypal. [2008-09]

The Artwork of Nathalie Ferrier - An artist's site using wordpress and zenphoto for total artist control of the content of the site. ~ $300 [2008]

The Bayard Rustin Project - I work on updating this wordpress based site for the documentary film on Bayard Rustin, early black civil rights activist and mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. I did not design this website, I just update it. [2008-09]

Metropolis Band Website - Website for my band - simple but intense [2007-2008].

Jon R. Friedman • Artist - My most ambitious project to date - about 400 images, animated portraits, 3D views of sculpture and javascript stylesheet-switchers to allow the user to choose the background color on which they view Jon's artwork. Includes artist updatable galleries using zenphoto. This would be a much more expensive site (> $500) due to the massive amounts of images and all the custom coding. [2005-2008]

Vicky Tomayko - Artist - My mother who makes fantastic prints. A small but fun website. Artist updatable image galleries. [2006 - 2007]

Arvid Tomayko-Peters •• Squish the Squid Productions - A site similar to this would be rather more expensive due to complexity and scope (music, photos, extensive text/lists, lots of pages, etc). [last redesigned Feb. 2006]

Lary Bloom - Writer, Editor Teacher - a writer's site, [June 2005]

Martin R. Anderson - Photographer - basic artist site ~ $300 [February 2005]

Older Examples

Janet Shafner - Artist - Basic artist site [January 2005]

Jim Peters - Artist - includes about 65 high-resolution images in web gallery format with thumbnails (images updatable by the artist), resume in PDF format, a short bio page, and a page of links to related sites. Artist updatable image galleries. [2004].

Robotto Tai - A very simple (and old) single page site with mp3 audio - a tiny website - Robotto Tai is a piece of history. [2003]

Other Skills

I have experience doing image jobs for publishing, such as scanning and restoring large numbers of images. I'm available for sound and video editing jobs too.

I'm an pretty good at fixing Macs when they go haywire.

I am available to teach various software to people in the Providence area. I teach Pro Tools, Logic, Max/MSP/Jitter, Photoshop, Final Cut, wordpress, zenphoto. I specialize in Macs. Drop me a line!