Semi-Autonomous Drone Staircase

Semi-Autonomous Drone Staircase :|: @ Clear Light Drone Castle :|: Jan 24-25, 2014 :|: 95 Empire @ AS220

A spring reverb is the sound source for a laptop with a multi-channel network of analog-style delays, harmonizers, reverbs and spectral processes which are output to four separate speakers on three landings of the stairwell. Each speaker has different delay times and feedback, and therefore a unique sound. One speaker is an earphone dangling from the ceiling which visitors can place against their ear to listen to. The live reverberation of the brick stairwell adds to the drone resonance.

The piece can be alternately performed and left to its own devices using sound already input into the system. The sound will slowly devolve into a monotonous texture over about 15 minutes when left unattended. Some of the delay parameters are controlled using a vintage Uher Stereo Mix-5 converted into a MIDI controller.

Thanks: Indy Shome, Matt Becker, Ric Royer
Additional camera: Chris Anderson