Transcontinental Collaboration One

Transcontinental Collaboration One :|: May, 2012

The first of (hopefully) a number of transcontinental collaborations between Barbara and me. The Oud is in a non-standard tuning - what Barbara describes as a "weird" tuning. For my part, I wanted to augment Barbara's fantastic Oud playing with sound derived from itself - all the sonic material, except for one small auditory event, are from the Oud performance you hear in the piece. Barbara's original performance is mostly intact, with only a few deletions, repetitions and timing adjustments. The dense sounds I added are loops recorded and performed in realtime while listening through the Oud recording, then edited and time stretched to better fit with the rhythms and flow of the performance. I also added other small events and edits with the intention of subtly extending the capabilities of the Oud - just beyond what it could do in the real life.

Painting by Barbara and Arvid - 2011

Barbara Byers - Oud - recorded in San Francisco, CA
Arvid Tomayko-Peters - Loops and Editing - in Providence, RI