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I created an interactive geophonic music installation called Climate Controlled


Toads - Sampler rendering of a playful brass quintet.

Eggplant - A frantic piano piece.

Music in Dishonor of Donald Rumsfeld - A manifestation of some of my anger at Donald Rumsfeld and my happiness at having him gone.

Inevitably, Another Plastic Hotdog (4:25) - An epic horn and guitar disaster in two movements. It feels just like spending an afternoon in a playpen filled with cheap plastic toys in the shape of common foodstuffs - such as plastic hard-boiled eggs, plastic puddles corn-off-the-cob or green peas and of course plastic hot dogs. It may look like music, but it tastes like Tupperware. With guitar played by Noah Chevalier. Played at Pixilerations [v.3].

Rubbery (3:11) - a messed up tune with reverse reverb! wheee! Special thanks to Stefan Gislason for playing some bass tracks and for impeccable falsetto singing of one of my geology papers.

How Much I Loved the Wind (3:07) - A noise piece using sounds mostly from plumbing.


Guns! (1:00) - 940k, Punky piece about the current state of affairs in our government and Iraq and the like.

And the Rubber Tubing - Short, silly speech piece using samples from old videos.

Laurentia - a jazz composition of mine performed by me and the Crossroads Ensemble. Charts also present.

Two Ways to Love (5:19) - 4.8 MB, A work In progress. Its a wonder tall trees don't come crashing down - there comes a time.

Chemical Weathering (3:23) - The soundtrack to my Chemical Weathering animation which can be watched at the Brown MML Online Gallery (if you have a broadband connection)

Conglomo - Conglomo, we own you, its one elaborate plot - their money makes the world go round, extremists make it stop! Arvid and Harry Skoyles, words by sombody whom I don't remember…

AH 2 (0:54) - 861k, A short part of a 12:30 guitar and electronically-augmented-trumpet jam with Harry Skoyles.

Die Khristmas Electroniche - For a faux-German electroniche musik christmas!

My Music on from June 24, 2005

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Studio Pieces:

Staplestomach 1:12 Jan 2005 562.5K 1.4M 1.1M 1.5M
Shveta's Song 8:10 2004 3.9M 9.8M 7.5M 11.3M
epipipe Feb 2005 2.3M 5.7M 3.5M 6.4M
Chupasangre 2:38 2003  1.3M 3.2M 2.1M 3.1M
WORD! 1:45 2003  849.0K 2.1M 1.6M 2.2M
Piece for Plop Painting Performance (Plop Painting by Mark Milloff) 4:50 summer 2004 2.3M 5.8M 4.3M 5.9M
Glue and Brine Dec 2004 804.5K 2.0M 1.4M 1.9M
Red Shoes [Gorbachev] 1:42 2003 820.2K 2.1M 1.6M 2.3M
That Was Easy 1:41 2004 804.9K 2.0M 1.5M 1.9M
Wan Thing 2:52 2004 1.4M 3.4M 2.8M 3.7M
su=ik (or The Atrocious Typing Error) 1:44 2004 837.2K 2.1M 1.5M 2.1M

Live digital improvisations:

Cantankerous Miscreant (live excerpt) Jan 2005 2.3M 5.7M 4.2M 5.8M
Live Improv 1 2:07 2004 1.0M 2.6M 2.0M 2.8M
Live Improv 2 3:44 2004 1.8M 4.5M 3.0M 3.7M
Live Improv 3 2:19 2004 1.1M 2.8M 2.1M 3.2M

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Facination - A little fun etude that became a soundtrack to a Vicky Tomayko animation.

WORD! 1:45 2003

su=ik [or The Atrocious Typing Error] 1:44 2004


Etude aux Trompette et Bassoon - Arvid and Keri Backus - winner of a 2006 Rhodes Scholarship, by the way :)

Sheet Music

Here's a little jazz tune I wrote a while ago - its in 5/4 and a sorta fake 3 then 5 - called Laurentia. Think "Take Five" and almost "Blue Rondo a la Turk" I performed it in Spring of 05 with the Brown Crossroads Ensemble. Want to know what is (or rather was) Laurentia?

Here's a leadsheet for Laurentia in PDF in 3 keys:


circa 2002 and Earlier

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