Megalosaurus the Daffodil Killer



Our album is available on bandcamp - on the web or as a pay-what-you-will download. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Recorded at Your Heaven in Providence. A big Thank You to Steve Schwartz, engineer on these recordings.


Megalosaurus was a Providence-based quintet that alternately soothed your ears with beautiful harmonies and then deflowered them with perilous descents into the abyss of electronic mayhem! Electric Jazz with unique electronic sounds and little bits of afro-beat, blues, samba and "hoedown" thrown in for good measure.

Megalosaurus The Daffodil Killer is done, at least for now. But please listen to our recordings here, and if you want to hear more from some of the same crew, also check out recordings of A Belted Vinyl Monitor, Modest Megalosaur And Friends (a sort of reunion-ish show) and The Sam Lewin Nomad Band.

  • Elliot Creager - Guitar
  • Sam Askin - Drums
  • Josh Marshall - Sax/Flute
  • Tom Iadecola - Bass/Guitar
  • Arvid Tomayko-Peters - Trumpet/TOOB/Electronix/Visuals

Others who have been members of the group at one time or another:

  • Jamie Fried - Drums
  • Cory Hargus - Keys

Live Recordings

At the Martinos Auditorium for student CAC arts night April 29, 2011

Use Fullscreen and choose "720p" to watch in HD, or watch on youtube.

Take Me to the Vishnu Schist: Live at the Brown Geology Show March 19, 2011

Live at the the BCA Speakeasy Sessions VII - The Underground, March 18, 2011

Use Fullscreen and choose "720p" to watch in HD, or watch on youtube.

Live at the Underground Feb 26, 2011 - The COBAB Show

with Jamie Fried filling in on drums