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New Album - Oratory Surgery

Oratory Surgery is out - download it on Bandcamp or pick it up on CD at one of my shows. Thanks to Hannah for the beautiful cover art!

Live at Psychic Readings :|: Providence, RI :|: April 13, 2016

Watch on YouTube

Arvid Tomayko - Unique Max patches, Apple Mainstage, Controllers, Hacked Multitouch Trackpads, Trumpet, Spring Reverb.

Also check out the Dumpster Cookies performance from this show.

Audio only:

Patterns to Hide (with Hannah G. Thompson) :|: Lubbock, TX :|: Mar 4, 2016

Watch on YouTube

Hannah G. Thompson - Fabric Sculpture/Performance
Arvid Tomayko - Unique Max patches, Apple Mainstage, Controllers, Trumpet, Spring Reverb.

Videographer: Josh Taylor
Post Production: Arvid Tomayko

Live at Spirit :|: Pittsburgh, PA :|: Feb 24, 2016

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Arvid Tomayko - Unique Max patches, Apple Mainstage, Controllers, Hacked Multitouch Trackpads, Trumpet, Spring Reverb.

Moon Man's Dream :|: December 2014

Watch on YouTube

Video and music by Arvid Tomayko - December 2014

Music performed live using custom software created in Max.
Original footage shot in Central Falls and Providence, RI (Thanks to Steve and Eugenia).
Video manipulated in realtime using Max and edited to fit the music.

Music only is here.


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A Sonic Architectural Reimagining of Provincetown :|: Oct 7, 2012

Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse, Provincetown, MA

Watch on YouTube

This video is the 2nd performance of the evening. You can also watch the first performance. The audio and video recording are not quite as good, but it includes an explanation of how the interactive video projection works. If you want, you can jump directly to the explanation at the end of the video pf the 1st performance.

Arvid Tomayko-Peters - TOOB, interactive video projection
Steve Schwartz - drums, technical assistance
Elliot Creager - guitar, electronics

Photos used in the interactive video projection courtesy of: Vicky Tomayko, Anne Haines, Wikimedia Commons
Video: Arvid Tomayko-Peters
Special Thanks to Jay Critchley, Vicky Tomayko, Andrea Starr
Performed for Jay Critchley's 10 Days That Shook the World

Audio Only (same as the videos):


2016-03 – Just finished a tour to Lubbock, TX and back on late Feb/early March 2016. 4136 miles of driving, 9 performances and 2 hot-spring vacation days in NM. Hours of documentation videos shot - you'll be seeing some of them here soon.

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About Arvid

Arvid Tomayko (technically "Arvid Tomayko-Peters", but it's a bit ungainly to use all the time) is a Providence based experimental musician, composer and multimedia artist interested in live improvised electronic music performance, data or process driven composition, and the intersection of those two worlds. He builds and performs with extended digital instruments, including the TOOB - a wireless hyper-trumpet and makes live and pre-composed video pieces. Arvid holds a BA in Computer Music and Multimedia and Geology from Brown University. He currently works in audio product development at Your Heaven where he designs, builds and codes for audio electronics that make acoustic instruments sound really good when amplified or recorded.