Modest Megalosaur and Friends

Modest Megalosaur: The Killer Daffodil Machine, Opera Wolf and Homesteader live in PVD :|: Thurs, June 28, 2012


Homesteader is:
Anthony Tinnirella - Guitar/Vocals and Robert Lopez - Drums

Modest Megalosaur: The Killer Daffodil Machine is:
Alex Dupuis - Guitar, Josh Marshall - Tenor Sax, Steve Schwartz - Drums, Elliot Creager - Guitar, Tom Iadecola - Bass, Arvid Tomayko-Peters - TOOB, keys, trackpads, computer, trumpet

Opera Wolf is:
Robert Lopez - Drums, Crystal Pascucci - Cello, Josh Marshall - Tenor Sax

Special thanks to The Providence Friends Meeting for the space.