A Belted Vinyl Monitor - Granoff

A Belted Vinyl Monitor Live at The Granoff Center, Brown University :|: Sat, April 28, 2012

A Belted Vinyl Monitor

If you look at side horse dead on, it looks like a horse hiding behind something, peaking out at ya. But there's nothing there to hide behind - it just doesn't have that side. More often than is realistically plausible, we are confronted by a gang of enormous prudes. They like to ask us "does a side horse come prepared?" "How does one proctor a side horse?" "What is symptomatic of a side horse on the prowl?" It is very challenging to answer this kind of nonsense without losing your sense of touch. We prefer to stay in touch with as much side horse as makes the horses themselves the most comfortable. You can tell when a side horse is comfortable by how dripping wet are its gums. And now hold on just a second - you never want to tell a side horse which side it is. You never want to tell a side horse anything. It is still a variety of horse. It is not something to hold a conversation with. You must be thinking with your spines…

Tom Iadecola - guitar, pedals
Benny Lichtner - words, vocal chords, laptop, toys
Arvid Tomayko-Peters - TOOB, trumpet, keys, trackpad, laptop
Elliot Creager - guitar, little analog box