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[pronounced mutation]

Experiments in Sonic genetics


Each of the "µ-tation" tracks is genetically connected to the last and also to itself. Pieces or the central kernels of each piece consist of sections or individual parts from the previous µ-tation piece(s) distorted and interwoven in different ways. The first two pieces are very strange so far, and a third is in the works.

I compose this music using Pro Tools and other auxilliary software like Cecelia, Plogue Bidule, Spark ME, and several softsynths, so it does not have a 'score' in the traditional sense. However, it is not completely improvisational, so there is an order to it. However, like a painting or other wok of visual art, these pieces can not be reproduced exactly. Any attempt to reproduce them would have to follow from listening to the finished product and approximating it - not just the notes, but the unorthodox sound qualities and timbres as well.

There are also some other, more conventional pieces here as well. These I just have fun with

Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

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Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions