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Tracklist and Liner Notes

1 Freddie the Freeloader 04:44
2 Quirky Circus Prelude 01:30 [MIDI]
3 Stella by Starlight 01:08
4 Animalhusbandry 00:39
5 El Nombre Cambia 02:04
6 Funny Song* 02:22
7 Will (full) 01:57
8 Music for La Dolce Vita 03:37
9 Intercom1 02:22
10 Najac 02:13
11 Final* 01:57
12 Doo-Bop is not Dead! 05:10

*Appears on video "Dangerous Animals" by Arvid and Sylvia
Tomayko-Peters and Sam Yarbourogh (Also produced by Squish
the Squid Productions)

Arvid Tomayko-Peters: Trumpet, Bass, Keyboards, percussion,
'virtual tuba', FM wireless intercoms and dijeridoo.
Sam Yarbourogh: Bass on "Funny Song"
Harry Skoyles: Guitar on "Funny Song"

Special thanks to the other musicians (Sam and Harry) and
Ellen Anthony for giving me the idea to write a crazy circus
march and playing it at her "Quirky Circus" puppet show.

Recorded and Mastered at Squish the Squid Studios, Truro, MA
by Arvid Tomayko-Peters using a Mac running Pro Tools Free

I hope you have fun listening. I had fun playing and
composing. If you have any comments and cannot talk to me in
person, I can be reached at

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. Peace.


Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

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Arvid Tomayko-Peters Squish the Squid Productions

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